Significant experience with build-to-suit projects has taught us that every transaction is unique. Therefore, we are thoughtful and diligent in working with our clients, contractors and consultants to provide the right solution.

Build-to-Suit is the term used in the construction industry to describe a new home that is designed and constructed to meet the buyer’s specific needs and style. Build-to-suit projects are a great way for you, the client, to get actively involved in the creation of your new custom home.

Most build-to-suit projects typically involve the following steps. Perform a market analysis of available land and develop a budget for your new custom home. Develop a custom house plan and constructions contract that meets your architectural requirements and is tailored to fit your budget. Purchasing land to build the new home. Obtaining a construction loan and permits. And, after proper permits and loan funding is received, construction commences and building progress is reviewed throughout the process.

We have exceptional home sites available for your new luxury home in some of the finest communities in the valley. Let us assist you with selecting the perfect location for your custom home.